Do We Live In A Far Smarter Universe?

Do We Live In A Far Smarter Universe? 

There is a consistent discussion about whether or not outsiders exist. The regular contention against their being a higher knowledge is the reason have they not reached us? All things considered, on the off chance that they are so savvy than I'm certain they can make sense of an approach to arrive at Earth, isn't that so? Well, I leave you with this to consider.

At the point when Christopher Columbus went to the new world, he was not intrigued by the subterranean insect heap he may have ventured over when he initially showed up. He was keen on wise life, for example, the Native Americans, something equivalent to him. They were his most interesting revelation, everything else was superfluous. So imagine a scenario in which there is considerably more keen progress out there yet they are just speaking with other clever living things. They stroll past us consistently relentless for our second rate progress, and we don't understand it.

It resembles if people were building a 100-story high rise, and sitting right nearby was a subterranean insect heap. The ants do not understand that something far more brilliant than it is building something undeniably greater than anything they can appreciate. They simply aren't up to that degree of insight.

At that point you state, "Well we haven't heard any sign from space, wouldn't we have grabbed a type of correspondence between them?" That is somewhat similar to in the event that you strolled into a place of business with a walkie-talkie. You would turn on the walkie-talkie, check each channel, hear nothing, and accept nobody is there. Obviously, you wouldn't get a sign, that is on the grounds that everybody is utilizing further developed innovation like mobile phones and email. It's something very similar to a further developed human progress. They could have some type of correspondence undeniably further developed than we are equipped for grabbing a sign.

Possibly there are outsiders zooming past us consistently and we don't understand it. Much the same as people passant colonies consistently and the ants have no clue. They are just not brilliant enough to realize that a progressively mind-boggling being is passing it. All things considered, if outsiders are shrewd enough to have effectively made intergalactic travel, then they are most likely universes more astute than people, similarly as people are universes savvier than ants. They could be utilizing some mind-boggling innovation that we can't appreciate. It would resemble showing an insect the web, any will just never get it.

There is no logical evidence to this, only something to consider. We are as ignorant regarding outsider's presence as the old Greeks were about the Earth being level and at the focal point of the Universe. Ideally one day we will have the option to deal with everything and get familiar with the universe around us.

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